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Electric and Gas Motor Scooters, Electric Bikes, Mobility Scooters, Gas Go Karts
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Hello and welcome to our landing page.   We are an on-line retailer offering a wide variety of  scooter products  distributed by X-Treme Motor Scooters located in Tacoma, Washington.   X-Treme also offers a  line of electric bicycles  as well as   mobility scooters.
In addition to our X-Treme Scooter products, we also offer a line of scooters  distributed by ScooterX located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Those products include  gas scooters electric scooters   and the
extremely  "kid" popular go  kart.
With gas prices  fluctuating, owning a  electric bicycle   makes good sense, especially at a time when our nations economy is so unstable.  Electric bicycles  are clean, quiet, operate for pennies per charge and conveniently recharge on standard household electricity.  Gas powered motor scooters   are extremely fuel efficient compared to automobiles with 50 to 80 mpg and above realized.  If you are concerned with the effect your automobile emissions have on our planet, then purchasing an  electric motor scooter or  especially our  electric bicycle  will have an impact on your concerns, and your wallet.  They are environmentally friendly, clean, quiet and extremely economical. 
Electric bicycles  are extremely efficient while transporting you to and from work or around town, while scooters offered by ScooterX, such as their  gas scooter  and  go kart are just plain fun!
We offer 30 days parts waranty for manufacturers defects and provide free technical support by telephone for the life of your  electric bicycle .  Customer service is available to you by either e-mail or telephone.  We have a knowledgeable and courteous customer service staff who will respond to your inquiry promptly. 
Here on our website,  you will find the  electric bicycle   of your dreams with a wide selection from which to choose, including  electric motor scooters.   We have brands you can trust, service you can count on as well as available parts. 
May I suggest our signature required service:
We make a Signature Required Service available to all our customers at the time of purchase for a minimal fee. If this service is not purchased, X-Treme Scooters will not be responsible for packages that have been left at the recipient's door and consequently lost and/or stolen.
You can put a signature required on any order, including when a customer checks out on your site when they are ordering. This will make sure it is delivered to the customer as they will have to sign for it when it is delivered.
Signature Required/ Delivery Confirmation $4.00
Thank you for visiting our website and have a great day!

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